Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Our Breath: Bonding our Spirit to our Body

"Within the very breath of such souls as are pure and sanctified far-reaching potentialities are hidden. So great are these potentialities that they exercise their influence upon all created things." - Bahá'u'lláh

Woman in sunlight by Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash
Recently I was reflecting on how the use of breath can help us move from our constantly thinking mind into the body...this inner landscape that holds so much of our story...and it occurred to me that the breath is really the bond between body and spirit. Our breath has truly been with us all our life in this world and it keeps our soul actively connected to our body through its rhythmic movement...inward, outward and back inward again. Its job is to keep our body connected to spirit that we might remain actively aware and present and ever connected to the Divine.

Why does this matter?

This world has so many distractions that can have our mind spinning. If we allow these distractions to run rampant, without the proper framing or boundaries placed around them, they become thoughts and these thoughts race around our mind trying to find a belief they can attach themselves too and call home. If we are not aware of these thoughts, they slide into our mind undetected, and before we know it we are struggling.

  • Why do I have to do everything?
  • Everyone else has it together, why can't I?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • When will I ever be okay? 
These become some of the racing thoughts that spin out of control inside of our mind and undetected our breath becomes shallow and we begin to feel hollow. 

What if none of this was true?

But what if we were actually okay? What if we do have it together and we really do have all we need? 

Our breath is one of the greatest teachers of truth if just follow it:

  1. The breath is constant, it will not stop until its job is done.
  2. The breath will open worlds unknown, just follow it on its inward journey through the body.
  3. The breath trusts the body to respond to it and thus has a loving relationship with the body.
  4. The breath is gentle.
  5. The breath is present.
If we just follow the breath inward it will open up before us our inner landscape. 

With each breath we pay attention to, more will be revealed to us about who we are...ours is to sift through the false voices that tell us we are not enough and to land on the truth that reminds us we are deep and vast like the ocean, filled with life and an abundance of gifts awaits our attention...if only we take the time and search with love. 

Check out my latest episode on my podcast, The Human Experience: A Lab of Limitless Learning, where I explore this idea of utilizing our breath to connect our spirit to our body, getting us closer to love.